Why Hire an Accounting Company

We all know keeping track of every coin can be a tedious affair if not frustrating especially when you have no idea where your money goes. Between juggling accounts and staff, you may be required to work on your book keeping. However, nowadays there are options available to they that have no idea on book keeping or are too busy to reconcile accounts.

So, if you have no clue where you stand at the end of month, it is advisable to hire or get yourself an accountant as soon as possible. Choosing an accounting service in Singapore is as sensitive as choosing a business partner, because he will not only become your confidant in financial matters but also an advisor. There are a few things to consider when choosing and hiring an accounting firm;

1 Are they qualified?

It is advisable to check the firm’s qualifications and certification to determine their skill levels. Credibility is also something that should not be overlooked and this calls for making a request for projects and previous practices.

2 Interview Several Accounting Firms:

When interviewing accounting firms, it is necessary to choose a firm that offers various services such as book keeping, auditing, financial management and the like because this will determine the state and the progression of your business in the coming years. Also to note, choose a firm that is knowledgeable with your industry as it will provide the expertise needed.

3 Location Matters:

As a business owner, taking advantage of other business owners by building a rapport with them will aid in making the right decisions when choosing an accounting service from 1accounting.sg. With the rise of web technology, location has been reduced to a touch of a button. Availability and location should not be a hindrance with cloud computing however it requires a person who is tech savvy.

4 Find the type of software Used:

Most accounting services prefer to use their own accounting software, and it can be quite a challenge getting an accounting service that uses the same software as yours. With that in mind, try getting a firm that uses the same software because using a different type is not only exhausting and time consuming but it poses a risk of sensitive data being shared or read.

5 Fees:

There are two modes of payments that is used by most firms, hourly or fixed. As a business owner, negotiate a mode of payment that you are comfortable with, not forgetting a fee structure.


When hiring an accounting service, it is best to keep in mind that they will have access to your financial records and it is therefore important to take time when choosing the right firm. Look for a firm that is credible and are most comfortable working with.