The Best Age to Start Speech Therapy

It is difficult to know exactly when to enroll a child in speech therapy. Is it when the child is already in school and struggling or before that?

Children in speech therapy should be as young as possible. That means if a parent notices that a three year old can’t pronounce words properly even after correction by the parent several times, then it is not just a learning issue. It means that the child is not able to pronounce the word properly because they cannot move their mouth right.

Speech therapy for young children is a positive place. Speech therapists make an effort, even when the child is very small, to make the learning into a series of games. The child might place a board game with the therapist where they can only advance when they pronounce a word. This game is probably constructed to be a one person game that even a three year old can get the hang of.

It is best before enrolling a child who cannot speak properly in preschool to send that individual to speech therapy first. There the child can really engage in proper learning for their problem with the motivation that a therapist provides. Conversely, it is not good motivation to let the child have it the other way around where the kid is wanting to go to the class because of ridicule from peers.

Usually children who are two do not pick on other two year old’s for their speech. They are still learning to speak themselves and are mainly worried about toys, people to play with, and food. But at three, kids become more complex. They begin to pick up if the other child is different from the norm in some way. For this reason, if the child has not grown out of the problems with speech by this age, it is time for speech therapy.